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Choose the suitable word. Вставьте подходящее слово

1-30. Young people watch TV too ... .

(a) lot (b) many (c) sometimes (d) often (e) always
1-31. My friends say that I look ... my mother.

(a) like (b) how (c) in (d) the same (e) as
1-32. I must find a job soon. I have almost … money left.

(a) not (b) any (c) – (d) no (e) some
1-33. What ... is it? It's half past two.

(a) hour (b) time (c) o’clock (d) watch (e) day
1-34. How ... is it from Dublin to Barcelona?

(a) far (b) long (c) distance (d) many (e) away
1-35. David is the boss, you need to speak to … .

(a) it (b) him (c) her (d) them (e) he
1-36. We have two …: a son and a daughter.

(a) friends (b) parents (c) family (d) people (e) children
1-37. He's … the newspaper.

(a) reading (b) watching (c) listening (d) seeing (e) looking
1-38. What was the … like in Vienna? - It was cold and cloudy.

(a) time (b) weather (c) whether (d) temperature (e) term
1-39. She's … a blue coat and a grey scarf.

(a) looking (b) having (c) wearing (d) putting (e) dressing
1-40. I'm sorry but I don't understand what you … . Can you explain it again?

(a) mind (b) message (c) means (d) mean (e) matter
У нас недорого теплообменники ридан для всех желающих.

1-41. I am not sure if I … the answer.

(a) no (b) know (c) now (d) new (e) nor
1-42. Katie is going to come … tomorrow.

(a) here (b) hear (c) hire (d) heir (e) her
1-43. This is the girl … car hit that tree last week.

(a) who (b) which (c) whose (d) whom (e) that
1-44. May I see your ticket? - …

(a) Please. (b) Yes, you are. (c) Don’t mention it. (d) Here you are. (e) No, you don’t.
1-45. … is no place like home.

(a) There (b) It (c) Sure (d) At all (e) For me
1-46. Her husband is … sixty.

(a) old (b) years (c) age (d) near (e) nearly
1-47. My parents left California a week … .

(a) late (b) last (c) ago (d) before (e) back
1-48. I think I … my key at home.

(a) remained (b) stayed (c) spent (d) lost (e) left
1-49. He … the map for a few minutes.

(a) learned (b) looked (c) studied (d) knew (e) with
1-50. … name is John Smith.

(a) Him (b) His (c) He's (d) He (e) Himself
1-51. Sam … an engineer, he's a teacher at a college.

(a) aren't (b) not (c) no (d) doesn't (e) isn't

1-52. These are Juan and Mercedes. … are from Valencia, Spain.

(a) Their (b) They (c) This (d) Them (e) Which
1-53. Do you live in Munich? Yes, … .

(a) we do (b) we live (c) we don't (d) we aren’t (e) we are
1-54. Is that … car? No, it isn't.

(a) they (b) there (c) they're (d) their (e) them
1-55. What's her job? She's … .

(a) actress (b) the actress (c) a actress (d) her actress (e) an actress
1-56. … your car ? It's in the car park.

(a) It’s (b) Which is (c) Where's (d) Who's (e) Whose
1-57. Do you read Japanese? No, I …

(a) doesn't. (b) not. (c) read not. (d) don't. (e) am not.
1-58. What does he do? - …

(a) He's a worker. (b) He's worker. (c) He's working. (d) Yes, he works. (e) He’s at work.
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