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ТЕСТЫ ПО АНГЛИЙСКОМУ ЯЗЫКУ для IV УРОВНЯ. Часть 3 (см. также части 1 и 2)

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Which word has the different meaning from the others?

4-101. (a) helicopter (b) bird (c) rocket (d) rack (e) jet

4-102. (a) snowy (b) foggy (c) severely (d) cloudy (e) rainy

4-103. (a) salmon (b) lamb (c) vinegar (d) sausage (e) disgust

4-104. (a) merry (b) silly (c) intelligent (d) wise (e) stupid

4-105. (a) sofa (b) arm-chair (c) stool (d) bet (e) couch

4-106. (a) country-side (b) beach (c) resort (d) spa (e) reluctant

4-107. (a) terrible (b) fright (c) awful (d) fearful (e) horrible

4-108. (a) confirm (b) consent (c) confine (d) admit (e) nod

4-109. (a) saddle (b) pain (c) ache (d) sore (e) hurt

4-110. (a) work out (b) ski (c) skate (d) sail (e) rocket
По желанию клиента удаление вирусов на любых условиях.
Choose the word with the closest meaning

4-111. My father is not at home. He is working beyond his regular hours of work.
(a) overtime (b) shift (c) hard (d) extra (e) part-time
4-112. The wallet which he has purchased is made of genuine leather.
(a) gently (b) real (c) smooth (d) artificial (e) fake
4-113. The motorist is severely hurt in the accident.
(a) seriously (b) mildly (c) slightly (d) barely (e) hardly
4-114. The days that come before the examination are usually stressful.
(a) follow (b) precede (c) proceed (d) supreme (e) prejudice
4-115. I have paid as part of a larger sum 10% of the price for the washing-machine.
(a) deposited (b) withdrawn (c) exceeded (d) invested (e) compensated
4-116. Joe finally admitted that he had broken the vase.
(a) unlocked (b) denied (c) smashed (d) confessed (e) confused
4-117. His parents made him amend his ways.
(a) change (b) scorn (c) confess (d) study (e) negotiate
4-118. The couple raised their kids perfectly.
(a) called up (b) checked up (c) kept up (d) brought up (e) showed up
4-119. The prisoner kept pleading that he was not guilty.
(a) innocent (b) honest (c) senseless (d) hostile (e) answering
4-120. After serving his sentence, he was let out of jail.
(a) retired (b) released (c) captured (d) imprisoned (e) revenged
4-121. The passengers were fortunate to survive the wreck.
(a) happy (b) lucky (c) genuine (d) thankful (e) worthy
4-122. The crowd was astonished to see a horse in the shopping center.
(a) frightened (b) greeting (c) excited (d) supposed (e) surprised
4-123. Those who were not members of the army were warned to stay away from the war zone.
(a) civilians (b) refugees (c) deserts (d) desserts (e) troops
4-124. We were entertained by a famous magician.
(a) tricked (b) amused (c) pleased (d) bored (e) delighted
4-125. I stopped to talk to her for a minute, after which I went on going.
(a) paused (b) interrupted (c) ceased (d) continued (e) stood still
4-126. Originally I thought it was John who was calling me.
(a) at once (b) at times (c) at first (d) at last (e) at least
4-127. It is of little importance whether he passes his exam.
(a) makes sure (b) makes the best of him (c) makes his mind (d) makes no difference (e) makes clear

См. тесты для первого уровня (1 2 3), для второго (1 2 3 4), для третьего (1 2 3 4), для пятого (1 2), для шестого (1 2 3), для седьмого (1 2), для восьмого (1 2), а также словари и др. материалы по изучению английского языка.

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