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Choose the suitable word

5-1. Providing that she … hard Kate will win the match.
(a) will train (b) would train (c) trains (d) trained (e) should train
5-2. Would you mind … him $5?

(a) lending (b) to lend (c) lend (d) be lending (e) lends
5-3. I wish I … her that.

(a) hadn’t said (b) haven’t said (c) don’t say (d) wouldn’t have said (e) doesn’t say
5-4. It may cost about $30 to have a tooth … .

(a) filling (b) filled (c) fill (d) to fill (e) fills
5-5. I know my hair wants … but I never have time to go to a beauty parlour.

(a) cutting (b) being cut (c) having cut (d) to cut (e) cut
5-6. … entering the house she calmly switched on the light.

(a) Without (b) At (c) Currently (d) On (e) When
5-7. Charlotte’s sweater makes her itch. It is too … .

(a) curse (b) coarse (c) course (d) cores (e) curious
5-8. Though this movie is a … of a film I enjoyed tremendously, I don’t like it at all.

(a) continue (b) continuous (c) continuity (d) continued (e) continuation
5-9. He's an outstanding live performer, his tunes are excellent. … the words can't be heard because the music is too loud.

(a) After all (b) The only trouble is (c) As a matter of the fact (d) On the whole (e) What's more
5-10. Joe was completely … in history lessons.

(a) bored (b) board (c) boar (d) bore (e) borrow
5-11. Some students are unable to … the principles of higher mathematics.

(a) undertake (b) regulate (c) imply (d) grasp (e) recruit

5-12. In order to reach an agreement, all sides will have to make some … .

(a) concedes (b) concepts (c) concessions (d) conceptions (e) conceals
5-13.There are usually a lot of parties … New Year’s eve.

(a) at (b) on (c) during (d) - (e) in
5-14. When was … abolished in the USA?

(a) slaves (b) slavery (c) slave (d) slavism (e) slam
5-15. Aren’t you afraid … spiders?

(a) from (b) – (c) off (d) of (e) at
5-16. It was … who blocked the way to the City Hall.

(a) them (b) they (c) themselves (d) theirs (e) their
5-17. I wonder if the spectators … seen such an impressive performance.

(a) have ever (b) had ever (c) have had (d) will have (e) would have
5-18. He … English since he was a little boy, but his studies were interrupted by the military service.

(a) has learned (b) has been learning (c) had learned (d) was learning (e) had been learning
5-19. I wish they wouldn't … so much time with unnecessary meetings.

(a) have (b) lose (c) take (d) put (e) waste
5-20. You can rely … her being honest.

(a) on (b) for (c) at (d) with (e) in
5-21. I am not very good … learning languages.

(a) for (b) at (c) in (d) along (e) with
5-22. When he arrived a crowd … for several hours to greet him.

(a) is waiting (b) has been waiting (c) had been waiting (d) waits (e) was waiting
5-23. He didn’t look while crossing the road. He … in a hurry.

(a) might be (b) must have been (c) had to be (d) should have been (e) ought have been
5-24. I … to Africa on business, it’s no way to refuse.

(a) am being sent (b) am sending (c) am sent (d) have sent (e) were sent

5-25. It is clearly desirable to develop a programming language that more closely … human communication.

(a) automates (b) differs (c) similar (d) resembles (e) wards
5-26. Man … with evolution by selective breeding.

(a) contributes (b) agrees (c) rebuilds (d) invades (e) interferes
5-27. During the last few years the price of gold … steadily.

(a) increased (b) has been increasing (c) has increased (d) increases (e) increase
5-28. I haven’t spoken French since I … school.

(a) have left (b) leaving (c) have been leaving (d) left (e) had left
5-29. He tried to pass the painting … as an original Picasso, but I recognized at once that it was a fake.

(a) out (b) off (c) on (d) for (e) through
5-30. My granddad lived a very long and active life. He didn't pass … until he was 107 years old.

(a) out (b) off (c) by (d) back (e) away

Which word has the different meaning from the others?

5-101. (a) apricot (b) bacon (c) punch (d) marble (e) jelly
5-102. (a) gallon (b) pinch (c) vase (d) pint (e) quart
5-103. (a) lean (b) thin (c) slender (d) slim (e) stout
5-104. (a) west (b) vest (c) jacket (d) blouse (e) costume
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