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At the Information Desk

Tourist: When is the next train to London, please?
Clerk: At 9:25 (nine twenty-five) p.m.
T: Are there trains in the afternoon, too?
C: Of course. There is one at 3:10 and another at 5:18.
T: Thank you very much.
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At the Ticket Office

T: A ticket to London, please.
C: Single or return?
T: Return, please.
C: When are you coming back?
T: Next Saturday.
C: OK, that's 10 pounds.
T: Is this the right platform for the 9:25 train?
C: Yes, it is. But the train is running behind schedule.
T: What a pity! How long will I have to wait?
C: About an hour, I suppose.
T: One hour? My goodness! Is there a restaurant where I can get breakfast?
C: Yes, there is. It's at the end of the next platform.
T: Will I hear the loudspeaker there?
C: I think so.

At the Station Restaurant

Waiter: What would you like, madam?
T: This is my first visit to England, so I'd like an English breakfast. Can you tell me what an English breakfast is like?
W: You can have tea or coffee, orange or tomato juice, bacon and eggs, jam or marmalade, and bread and butter. And you can get porridge or cornflakes, too.
Loudspeaker: The train to London is arriving at Platform 5. It is due in 3 minutes. We apologize for the late arrival. The train will leave at 10:05.

On the Platform

T: Excuse me, is this the train to London?
Another passenger: Yes, it is. You may board it. Are you in England for the first time?
T: Exactly.
AP: Where are you from?
T: I'm from Germany. I travelled to Harwich by boat; from there I'm going to London by train.
AP: I see.

On the Train

Christopher: Do you mind to sit by the window?
Sally: I'd like to sit with my back to the engine.
Mike: Let's put those on the rack. Careful!
Caroline: How long does it take to get to London?
Christopher: Exactly an hour.
Sally: I'm dying for a cup of coffee!
Mike: I am hot. Shall I open the window?
Caroline: I like travelling by train, particularly when it isn't crowded.
The door opens and a mother with two very noisy children rush into the carriage.)
Mother: What are you doing? Calm yourselves at once! Stephen, don't touch that gentleman's paper. Sandra, that's not your bag.
Sally: Oh, dear, you kids are really naughty!

По материалам пособий Б. Хильдебрандт-Доммель "Английский язык 1. SITA learning system" и Е. Манси "Английский язык. Разговорные темы 2"
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